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"Bubu and the Little Owls"

is an animation series carefully thought in every detail so that children can have fun, discover and learn.

The series

As we realized the lack of shows that could help adults on the journey of educating children, why not create a cartoon that would deliver such type of content? And so, Bubu was born!

Bubu e as Corujinhas - Multiplaforma

The Little Owls are currently on tens of TV channels and multiple VOD platforms, in different formats and in five languages, contributing to the educational process of children from many countries around the globe, always delivering super fun and dynamic content focused on ethical and family values and teachings about nature.

Sales Success

The Little Owls are also licensing highflyers. We find them in a vast line of products through our 30+ licensing partners.

Bubu e as Corujinhas - Sucesso no PDV

More than 12 categories, from toys to accessories.

Through licensing, Bubu and her siblings have become market icons, appealing to children, teens, and parents.

Bubu e as Corujinhas - Sucesso no PDV

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